The inspiration for the Birt Plate started during my college athletic workouts. Nearly every session included a traditional plate workout in one form or another.

Upon entering the field of coaching and assisting today’s young athletes, the importance of proper tools and techniques used in exercise regimes was affirmed. Traditional plates create compromise. I do not compromise!

A single weight plate can perform many lifts alongside its intended use on a barbell. Because of this, athletes everywhere use plates to supplement their lifts. However, a traditional plate has several drawbacks. The shape of a traditional plate restricts range of motion, gripping points are limited, and force unnatural body alignment during exercise.

I have created the Birt Plate as a total strength training system. From the ground up, the Birt Plate is made to intensify workouts by eliminating the restrictions of traditional plates. An added bonus is that it fits on a barbell, thus allowing an all-in-one tool which can be used both in and outside of any workout facility.

-Ryan Birt